Clinical Leaders

The Choosing Wisely Canada Clinical Leaders provide strategic advice to the campaign’s central team. The Clinical Leaders are local champions for Choosing Wisely Canada who implement recommendations through clinical practice and are local spokespeople for the campaign.

Dr. Nicolas Gillot
Clinical Leader, Quebec


Dr. Nicolas Gillot is Chief of General Medicine at Hull Hospital, Quebec. His interests lie in patient-centered care, preventing unnecessary tests and treatments, geriatrics, and helping patients with appropriate end-of-life care. He graduated from Nancy University, Lorraine, France. His past roles include being an Emergency Physician at the Nancy University Hospital  as well as being the Vice-President of SOS Médecins in Nancy, France. He arrived and started practicing in Hull as a  General Internist in 2012.


Dr. Lisa Hicks
Clinical Leader, Ontario


Dr. Lisa Hicks is a hematologist at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, with an academic focus on quality improvement and innovation. She uses traditional clinical epidemiology methods combined with quality improvement techniques to develop interventions to improve the safety and efficiency of patient care. Thematically her work focuses on understanding drivers of over-utilization in healthcare and on developing strategies to decrease this phenomenon.  Dr. Hicks is the Choosing Wisely lead at St. Michael’s Hospital. Dr. Hicks and her team lead a grass-roots initiative to generate clinician-led projects that aim to curb the use of tests and treatments that are unnecessary or where the possibility of harm out-weighs the potential for benefit.  In addition to her work at St. Michael’s Hospital, Dr. Hicks is Vice-Chair of the Quality Committee for the American Society of Hematology (ASH) and leads the ASH Choosing Wisely campaign.

Dr. Rory McQuillan
Clinical Leader, Ontario


Dr. Rory McQuillan is a Staff Nephrologist and clinician in Quality and Innovation at the University of Toronto. He leads the Canadian Society of Nephrology Choosing Wisely campaign. Dr McQuillan holds a Masters degree in medical Education from the University of Toronto and is alumnus of the Veteran Affairs Quality Scholars Fellowship Program. He is involved in designing and delivering educational initiatives pertaining to Quality Improvement and Resource Stewardship  at a local national and international level.

Dr. Jessica Otte
Clinical Leader, British Columbia


Dr. Jessica Otte is a Nanaimo, BC-based family physician who is engaged in health care transformation and advocacy for a higher quality, more sustainable system through work with the CMA’s Health Care Transformation Working Group, the Doctors of BC Council on Health Economics and Policy, and the Divisions of Family Practice in BC.  Her passion for appropriateness in health care led her to create Less Is More Medicine, a website that brings together resources regarding the ‘right amount of care,’ including practical tools to help prevent overdiagnosis and undertreatment. Jessica speaks and teaches about Choosing Wisely and related campaigns, emphasizing the importance of shared decision-making, patient-centred care, and evidence-informed practice.

Dr. Brian Rowe
Clinical Leader, Alberta


Dr. Brian Rowe is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB. He is a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Evidence-based Emergency Medicine and the Scientific Director of the Emergency Strategic Clinical Network (SCN). His research program is dedicated to generating new evidence, disseminating evidence syntheses and applying evidence in practice to improve patient outcomes.  He is the Co-Chair of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) CWC Committee.

Dr. Christine Soong
Clinical Leader, Ontario


Dr. Soong is an academic hospitalist and an Assistant Professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine at the University of Toronto.  She is the chair of the Choosing Wisely Sub-committee for the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine and the chair of the QI committee for the Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine and led the development of Choosing Wisely lists for these societies.  Her research and QI interests include utilization, appropriateness, and transitions of care.

Dr. Anthony Train
Clinical Leader, Alberta


Dr. Anthony Train is a family physician fully committed to publicly-funded, equal-access, quality healthcare in Canada. He has a have a broad-spectrum of interests and professional involvements ranging from grassroots healthcare leadership, nutrition & exercise, contraceptive access, student mentoring, quality improvement and full-spectrum family practice with a focus on screening & prevention of chronic disease. He is currently involved in a provincial vascular risk reduction project, a healthcare quality metrics initiative as well as leading an innovative family practice.