Drop the Pre-Op.


A toolkit for reducing unnecessary visits and investigations in pre-operative.

This toolkit was created to support the implementation of interventions designed to reduce unnecessary visits and decrease unnecessary investigations in pre-operative clinics. It can be used by physician groups and organizations that provide pre-operative assessments in order to optimize the process.

By using the interventions mentioned in this toolkit North York General Hospital has been able to lower its pre-operative clinical lab testing by 38%, sustained since February 2015.



Aaron Mocon, HBSc, MD, FRCPC
Anesthesiologist, North York General Hospital

Donna McRitchie, BSc, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Vice President, North York General Hospital Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Aliya Tharani, BSc, RN, MHSc
Project Coordinator, North York General Hospital