Tackling Overuse in Hospitals, Sinai Health System

For the launch of Choosing Wisely Talks we were lucky enough to have Dr. Christine Soong, from Sinai Health System (SHS), present on hospital-based Choosing Wisely interventions to reduce overuse. Dr. Soong’s presentation focused on recommendations from the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine, as well as the Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine’s, Choosing Wisely lists of ‘five things physicians and patients should question’. The presentation detailed SHS’s benzodiazepine and sedative-hypnotics project among older adults – the inspiration for our toolkit ‘Less Sedatives for Your Older Relatives’, and the reason SHS has seen potentially inappropriate sedative-hypnotic prescriptions decrease by over 40%. Dr. Soong also highlighted SHS’s projects focused on reducing inappropriate catheter use and repetitive blood testing.

Did you miss the webinar? Watch it here.