Start a Local Campaign or Implementation Project

Choosing Wisely Canada is an open campaign, meaning that anyone can participate, and there are many ways to do so. You can:

Getting Started

If you have a specific area of overuse you want to tackle, great!

If you’re still deciding on a focus, we’ve compiled all CWC recommendations into a single document. Since the launch of Choosing Wisely Canada in April 2014, over 330 recommendations have been published across a large number of clinical specialties. You can use the spreadsheet to sort, rank order and prioritize based on what’s important to you and your organization. Getting support and buy-in from your colleagues and stakeholders early will help make your project go smoothly; involve them in this process.

Download all recommendations (pdf) Download all recommendations (xls)

Taking Action

While each Choosing Wisely Canada recommendation is a simple declarative statement about a test or treatment clinicians and patients should question, there are many ways to implement it. Local context, culture and capabilities matter. Choosing Wisely Canada encourages and supports local ingenuity in the implementation of the recommendations. We call this Choosing Wisely DIY (do-it-yourself).

If you are launching your own local Choosing Wisely campaign or implementation project, the figure below gives a flavour of the types of interventions you might want to consider.

High leverage interventions are those that require organizational level changes; these changes are typically “hard coded” into the systems and policies of the organization and tend to be more difficult to implement, but the results are more likely to be sustained. Low leverage interventions, on the other hand, focus on change at the individual rather than organizational level, tend to be easier to implement, but are generally less sustainable. A robust implementation project tends to involve a combination of interventions.

The Choosing Wisely Canada brand is well-recognized and available for you to use in your local campaign or implementation project. However, the brand may only be used for the purpose of participating in the campaign and furthering its mission. If you are using or planning to use the Choosing Wisely Canada brand in your work, please read the Brand Book to understand the conditions under which the brand may and may not be used, and to access our brand assets.

Download the Brand Book

Choosing Wisely Talks

Choosing Wisely Talks takes place on the first Wednesday of every month from 12 p.m.–1 p.m. (ET). Each Talk is led by a guest speaker who has made significant gains in implementing the Choosing Wisely recommendations. Through a webinar format, participants tune-in to a live presentation by the guest speaker, followed by an interactive Q&A discussion.

Upcoming Talks


Need change ideas or help with your Choosing Wisely implementation project?

Check out these toolkits. Each toolkit was developed by a clinician who has successfully implemented a Choosing Wisely recommendation in their setting and achieved significant impact. They are intended to provide you with just enough information to get started. The rest is up to you to figure out, based on your local circumstances and the ingenuity of your team.