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Choosing Wisely International Series in BMJ

Choosing Wisely Canada coordinates the Choosing Wisely International collaboration. This is a consortium of more than 30 countries globally with active Choosing Wisely campaigns. As Choosing Wisely campaigns continue to grow and mature around the world, there is a need for understanding how to embed list recommendations into practice.

The BMJ and the Choosing Wisely international collaboration have partnered on a series of articles that describe evidence-based changes to practice to reduce overuse. These articles are published in the education section of the journal and shine a spotlight on shared Choosing Wisely priority overuse topics across countries. Articles are written by teams of international experts from a variety of specialties related to the topics and include patient coauthors.

The education section of BMJ has a wide global readership and publishes articles on common clinical topics of international appeal to a diverse group of clinicians. The articles are intended to help guide practice and decision-making and include key phrases or statistics to use in conversations with patients.

Articles published to date include:

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