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CPAC Releases Report on Choosing Wisely Canada’s Cancer-Related Recommendations

A new report from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer looking into whether Canadian patients receive appropriate cancer care shows Canadian cancer patients undergo an estimated 770,000 interventions each year that may be of low value or expose them to unnecessary harm.

Quality & Sustainability in Cancer Control: A System Performance Spotlight Report measures how current oncology practices compare to Choosing Wisely Canada’s cancer-related recommendations.

The report found that while many high-quality, sustainable cancer control practices are already in place, there are areas where practice is not keeping pace with the recommendations, including:

  • The use of longer courses of radiation for women aged 50 and older with early stage breast cancer, despite evidence that shorter courses have less toxicity and provide equivalent tumour control, cosmetic outcomes and survival.
  • The use of multiple fractions of palliative radiation to relieve pain in cancer patients, despite evidence that single fraction radiation offers equivalent pain relief.
  • A large proportion of men with low-risk prostate cancer still receiving treatments with potential side effects that could be avoided, rather than undergoing active surveillance.
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