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Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine (CSTM) Recommendation Videos

Once specialty societies have released their recommendations, Choosing Wisely Canada tries to encourage them to ‘go beyond the list’. Ways societies can do this includes; incorporating Choosing Wisely into national meetings, publishing articles on the list development process, or, in the case of transfusion specialist Dr. Clinton Campbell from the Canadian Society For Transfusion Medicine (CSTM), creating a series of innovative, entertaining and informative animated videos to educate and remind healthcare professionals of some of the key CSTM Choosing Wisely recommendations.

Production of these videos was initiated and led by Dr. Campbell in partnership with a team of talented animation students at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), with funding support from Canadian Blood Services (CBS) BloodTechNet program. Since being posted at the beginning of the 2018, feedback has been highly positive, and the animation team very keen to take on additional, similar projects for Choosing Wisely Canada or other interested parties.

Any interested specialty societies, organizations etc. should contact Dr. Clinton Campbell at

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