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Teaching Medical Trainees to Choose Wisely in Dermatology

A team from the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine has developed case-based education videos to advance Choosing Wisely in Dermatology.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, medical students and trainees have adapted to new ways of learning online. For a team at the University of British Columbia (UBC), this shift inspired the creation of case-based education videos to enhance medical trainees’ knowledge of resource stewardship in dermatology.

The team, consisting of a dermatologist, a dermatology resident, and medical students, led the development of five 10-minute educational videos based on the Canadian Dermatology Association’s Choosing Wisely Canada Dermatology list.  

The videos try to fill a gap in medical education on dermatology. While most skin conditions are managed by non-dermatologists, dermatology education is limited and most Canadian medical schools do not have a required clinical rotation in this specialty. The videos are an opportunity to not only increase awareness about resource stewardship in dermatology, but also improve patient care in managing common skin conditions.

The videos use a case-based approach to explain clinical reasoning behind the recommendations, introduce evidence-based clinical decision-making tools, and share practical tips to help medical trainees better manage common clinical scenarios.

A special thanks to the UBC team for leading this work including:


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