Laboratory testing is the single highest volume medical activity. Estimates suggest that 16 to 56 percent of laboratory tests offer no clinical value in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. Low-value laboratory tests can lead to false positives, unnecessary follow-up referrals, and potentially expose patients to harm — all of which are downstream consequences of low-value care.

Using Labs Wisely is a national consortium that aims to make a measurable impact on reducing low-value laboratory testing in Canada. Participating hospitals will have the opportunity to share data, undertake improvement projects, and be part of a learning community.

Upcoming activities:

  • Choosing Wisely Canada is currently working with a small cohort of hospitals to pilot test the program.
  • Using Labs Wisely will launch in May 2022 with a call for participants to apply.
  • Hospitals that meet our selection criteria will start the program in September 2022.

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