Lab testing is the single highest volume of medical activity. While the majority of these tests provide diagnostic insights important to patient care, not all tests are needed. Low-value lab tests can exhaust health care resources and lead to false positives, unnecessary follow-ups, and potential harm to patients.

There are many drivers of low-value lab testing. It can be the result of individual decisions on the frontlines; more often than not, it is the product of antiquated systems and organizational practices that repeatedly nudge people toward ordering more than what is necessary. Uncovering and modifying these habits and processes takes time, the involvement of multiple stakeholders, and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Choosing Wisely Canada is inviting hospitals across Canada to join us in a concerted effort to curb low-value testing so that available lab resources could be put to better use.

Using Labs Wisely is a national consortium of hospitals committed to making a measurable impact on reducing low-value lab testing in Canada. Hospitals of various sizes and levels of experience with implementing lab stewardship projects are welcome to join Using Labs Wisely.

Participating hospitals will:

1. Implement Change.

  • Identify local improvement priorities and develop annual quality improvement plans.
  • Implement interventions to reduce lab utilization and measure the change.

2. Share Data.

  • Submit aggregated utilization data on a defined set of tests.
  • Receive comparative reports on your hospital’s performance compared to peers in the program.
  • Contribute to the creation of a national reporting system for appropriate lab utilization in Canada.

3. Learn With Others.

  • Participate in interactive learning sessions with hospitals from across Canada.
  • Gain access to tools, coaching, and mentoring opportunities.
  • Network with like-minded clinicians, lab experts, researchers, and administrators

Applications are open for Using Labs Wisely. Submit your application below.