Thanks for your interest in Using Labs Wisely! Before completing the application, please review the eligibility criteria to join:

  1. A private/public hospital organization
  2. Willing to send aggregate data on a standard set of lab data elements twice a year
  3. Willing to attend meetings and participate in break-out groups
  4. Willing to develop a quality improvement plan (QIP) and implement intervention(s) to reduce lab utilization
  5. Willing to engage your hospital leadership
  6. Sign and complete Terms of Participation agreement, outlining the details of participation in the program following your application
Lead Contact Name(Required)
Lab Lead Contact Name (Optional)
Clinical Lead Contact Name (Optional)

Your hospital will receive comparative reports on identified lab priority areas to compare with other sites in the program. Please indicate your hospital's progress on the following lab tests:

1. Reducing AST(Required)
2. Reducing PTT(Required)
3. Eliminating CK-MB(Required)
4. Eliminating Folate Testing(Required)
5. Reducing Urea(Required)