World Antimicrobial Awareness Week

See what’s happening for World Antimicborial Awareness Week (November 18-24).

Using Antibiotics Wisely

See what’s happening for World Antimicborial Awareness Week (November 18-24).

It’s World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (November 18-24), a global event that aims to increase awareness about antibiotic resistance and encourage best practices among clinicians and the public.

With nationwide antibiotic shortages, it’s important to remember antibiotics don’t work on viral infections like colds or the flu. Our suite of tools and resources can help support antimicrobial stewardship efforts and reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

The Cold Standard: Fourth Edition 

  • The Cold Standard toolkit provides guidance on using antibiotics wisely for the management of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in primary care. This practical toolkit features clinical tools that can support both virtual and in-person management of RTIs during this cold and flu season.
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Tools for Adult and Pediatric Populations 

  • This year is particularly challenging with heightened concerns around symptoms including fever, congestion, and sore throat due to a surge of respiratory viruses. Our prescriber tools including viral and delayed prescription pads can help avoid unnecessary antibiotic use in adults and children.
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