The “Sorry” Poster is available in:
English | Arabic  | French  | Chinese (Simplified) | Punjabi | Spanish | Tagalog

The “Three Questions” Poster is available in:
English | Arabic | French | Chinese (Simplified) | PunjabiSpanishTagalog

Four Questions for pediatricians’ offices by SickKids. Poster also available in French.

Adult Viral Prescription Pad

Pediatric Viral Prescription Pad

The Delayed Prescription Pad is available in:
EnglishArabicFrenchChinese (Simplified)PunjabiSpanishTagalog

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

You can also integrate the Viral Prescription Pad and Delayed Prescription tools in your existing EMR. The e-forms and accompanying instructions were co-developed by OntarioMD and Choosing Wisely Canada in collaboration. For any questions related to these materials, please

Files for EMR: