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More is Not Always Better Campaign Has Launched

Since our launch on April 2nd, 2014, Choosing Wisely Canada has been proud to be a grassroots physician-led campaign that has been championed by passionate health care providers from coast-to-coast. Now that we have a relatively large constituency of physicians engaged we’re turning our attention to patients, and the public at large. For appropriate evidence-based care to become the cultural norm we need physicians and patients to come together and understand what high-value health care is and could look like in Canada.

We recognize that talking to patients about not performing tests, treatments, and procedures in a world that intrinsically believes ‘more is better’ in any context is no easy feat. As part of our effort to encourage this dialogue, Choosing Wisely Canada has created posters, videos, and a patient facing website, to help socialize the More is Not Always Better concept in terms of health care.

The More Is Not Always Better campaign hopes to support physician and patient communication by doing the following:

At recent conferences such as Health Quality Transformations, Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario (AFHTO) Annual Meeting, as well as at Family Medicine Forum we’ve handed out over 800 Primary Care toolkits. In addition to the 800 health care offices now displaying our materials, over 300 labs, between Dynacare and LifeLabs, seeing 16 million patients per year are now displaying the materials in their waiting rooms.

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