This portal is intended for participating hospitals to learn about program updates, useful resources, and ways to interact with others in the Using Labs Wisely program.

Key Dates and Timing: 

  • Mon. September 11, 2023: 2 pm-4 pm ET | 11 am-1 pm PT
  • Mon. October 16, 2023: 2 pm-4 pm ET | 11 am-1 pm PT
  • Mon. November 13, 2023: 2 pm-4 pm ET | 11 am-1 pm PT

Participating hospitals should have the following documents completed throughout the program:

Deliverable Reminders 

  • QIP: Next deadline is end of September (please submit them to 
  • Data submission: Due end of September
  • Sites who have already received a comparative report– only required to submit 6-month increment of data up to July 31, 2023 (submitting data onward from last submitted dataset)
  • Sites who have not received a comparative report- required to submit retrospective data from January 1, 2018 to July 31, 2023. 
  • Data submissions and any data-related questions can be sent to

Check out relevant tools and resources that can support your quality improvement efforts in the Using Labs Wisely program:

Check out the recordings below featuring past Using Labs Wisely learning collaborative sessions. 

Using Lab Wisely: Orientation

Lab Target Considerations and Example:

This video on lab target considerations provides a framework for selecting a lab target that your site may want to focus on. Please see the corresponding PowerPoint for the specific framework and the example for a real application to lab target selection.


QI Diagnostics and Stakeholder Engagement:

This video on QI diagnostics provides a review of three common QI tools used to diagnose the problem to target: process mapping, cause-and-effect analysis, and the Pareto diagram.  Please see the corresponding PowerPoint for more information and relevant resources to support the use of these tools. stakeholder engagement provides a review of the hierarchy of effectiveness for different types of QI intervention as well as a framework for stakeholder engagement.  Please see the corresponding PowerPoint to learn more as well as the relevant resources to carry out stakeholder mapping for your project.

Relevant Resources:                                          Relevant Resources:
Pareto Chart Template.                                      Stakeholder Engagement
Cause and Effect Analysis Handout

Lab Change Ideas: 

This video on lab change ideas covers the family of measures and highlights its linkage to lab interventions.  It also explores some different types of lab interventions (e.g., education initiatives, ordering initiatives), and where it is situated on the hierarchy of effectiveness. Please see the corresponding PowerPoint to learn more.

Baseline Data: 

This video on baseline data demonstrates how data can help further inform lab target selection lab change ideas as well as highlights some successful changes implemented and the need for ongoing data to be part of change strategy.  Please see the corresponding PowerPoint to learn more.


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