This portal is intended for participating hospitals to learn about program updates, useful resources, and ways to interact with others in the Using Labs Wisely program.

Key Dates and Timing: 

Mon. April 24, 2023: 2 pm-4 pm ET  | 11 am-1 pm PT **Cohort 3 only (Orientation for new sites)**
Mon. May 15, 2023: 2 pm-4 pm ET | 11 am-1 pm PT
Mon. June 12, 2022: 2 pm- 4pm ET | 11 am-1 pm PT
Mon. September 11, 2023: 2 pm-4 pm ET | 11 am-1 pm PT
Mon. October 16, 2023: 2 pm-4 pm ET | 11 am-1 pm PT
Mon. November 13, 2023: 2 pm-4 pm ET | 11 am-1 pm PT

Participating hospitals should have the following documents completed throughout the program:

Deliverable Reminders 

  • QIP: Due end of February 2023 (please submit them to 
  • Data submission: Due end of February 2023
  • Sites who have already received a comparative report– only required to submit 6-month increment of data (previous submission to December 31, 2022)
  • Sites who have not received a comparative report- required to submit retrospective data from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2022. 
  • Data submissions and any data-related questions can be sent to

Check out relevant tools and resources that can support your quality improvement efforts in the Using Labs Wisely program:

Check out the recordings below featuring past Using Labs Wisely learning collaborative sessions. 

Using Lab Wisely Session 1: Sept 12

Lab Target Considerations and Example:


Using Lab Wisely Session 2: October 17

QI Diagnostics and Stakeholder Engagement:

Relevant Resources:                                          Relevant Resources:
Pareto Chart Template.                                      Stakeholder Engagement
Cause and Effect Analysis Handout

Using Lab Wisely Session 3: November 14

Watch Before Next Session:

Using Lab Wisely Session 4: December 12

Using Lab Wisely Session 5: January 16 


Using Lab Wisely Session 6: February 13